based on Ludwig van Beethoven

A collaboration between aufBruch and the Education Programme at the Berlin Philharmonic in Tegel Prison.


Shows:  19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th and 28. February and  4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th und 13th March, at 5.30 pm

Composed in the spirit of the French revolution, Beethoven’s opera deals with a woman who is willing to face death to overcome despotism and tyranny: Leonore. Disguised as a man and under the alias Fidelio, she manages to free her imprisoned husband, Florestan, from the clutches of the tyrant Don Pizarro. The piece therefore asks a fundamental question about our human striving for freedom: what must we do to attain what is almost impossible?  


On the occasion of the 250th birthday of the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, once again in collaboration with the Education Programme at the Berlin Philharmonic, after “Parsifal” in 2018, aufBruch will present classical opera material in the empty wing III of Tegel Prison.
Staging this material in a prison gives this game for freedom and loyalty, for rights and dignity an urgent immediacy. The prisoner ensemble will perform a version of the libretto with modernised language – combined with selected arias from the opera and compositions by Beethoven that especially reveal the rebellious breadth and visionary power of his work.  


“Doing nothing – that’s as bad as doing it yourself.”

A collaboration between aufBruch and the Education Programme at the Berlin Philharmonic in Tegel Prison.




Performed by the Tegel Prison prisoner ensemble:
Adrian Zajac, Apo, Chris Bär Templiner, Frank T., Franky J., Gino, H. Peter Maier C.d.F., Halil, Horst Grimm, Hüdayi, Jürgen, Karim, Kurt Lummert, Marcel B., Paul E., Ramazan, Resul Tat.



Musical accompaniment:
Scholarship-holders from the Karajan Academy, students from Hanns Eisler College of Music and Vsevolod Silkin.



Director Peter Atanassow Stage designer Holger Syrbe Costume designer Melanie Kanior Dramaturg Hans-Dieter Schütt Musical director Simon Rössler, Schlagzeuger der Berliner Philharmoniker Musical Coaches Judith Kamphues, Simon Rössler, Lukas Böhm, Vsevolod Silkin Production manager Sibylle Arndt Musical Production manager Annegret Rehse / Katalin Drabant Assistant director Margarete Rosenbohm Costume assistant Melanie Merz Artistic and technical support Lukas Maser Graphic design Dirk Trageser




Tickets: 15 € / 10 € (discounted)


Tickets on sale from:  8th February 2020


Funded by a grant from the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination
Supported by the JSA Berlin, JVA Tegel, JVA Plötzensee, Volksbühne Berlin.

Photos: Copyright Thomas Aurin.
Photos may only be used with prior permission from aufBruch / Thomas Aurin


Performance venue:
Justizvollzugsanstalt Tegel
Seidelstraße 39
13507 Berlin

U-6 Otisstraße or Holzhauserstraße

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